About Us

  Hi friends!!  Jess and Monica here!  We’re sisters who developed a love to craft from our mom, Kim!  Growing up our craft time consisted of making iron-on shirts for all the holidays, embellished with a ton of glitter puff paint.  You know the ones where you went to K-mart picked out a shirt color and a pattern to match?  And the iron-on adhesive came in a separate roll?  You get all your supplies home and let the creativity begin! Lots of cutting, ironing, more cutting and finally you’re ready for the puff paint.  You pick out the glitter that matches your pattern mostly and give it a good shake.  Your nose is practically touching the ironed-on fabric so you can get a precise look at exactly where your outline should be.  And every time, that first squeeze splattered no matter how hard you shook that tiny bottle of paint. 

As we got older and outgrew the puff paint shirt phase, we became interested in wreath making.  Wreaths are a great way to express your love for any holiday.  And it was totally acceptable to have a wreath for every season.  Still is!  Our mom’s favorite store was Pat Catan’s.  RIP Pat ☹ We were always so excited when we had a free weekend and could take a ride to Pat Catan’s.  They had the BEST flower selection.  And no matter how frequently you visited that store, you were sure to come out of there with at least $100 less in your pocket! 

Off to college and the real world began, leaving little time for our love of crafting.  Years passed and life happened.  But fast forward to present day.  It’s the year 2020.  We’re stuck at home with little to do.  Well because, you know why.  Passing time, waiting to reunite with our friends and family, we came across a craft blog.  And the crafter was so upbeat and inspirational that we decided to break out the old card table and glue guns.  Next thing we know we’re tearing apart our childhood bedroom to create our very own craft room.  A space where we could let our creativity flow.  Once the creative juices started flowing again, there was no stopping us.  Everything we see, we think, how can we craft with that?  How can we turn that into something unique?  And so, the adventure of our small business, Two Sisters Design Co. began!  We're excited to show you what we can do with our craftiness! So stick around!